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4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Michael Festa Sr says:

    Mr. Renna,
    Can’t believe that your video was so inspiring to me. I’m 75 years young, and not many things impress me as much as the EWTN presentation for Divine Mercy. Both my wife, Carmella and I have been involved
    for many years. The late seventies I desired to play “Jesus” music, and since then, I’ve learned to play thanks to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. I choose the 12string guitar, and He did the rest! Been going all
    these years, and it’s been incredible just what He can do with a guy with minimal music experience. I play at Sunday Mass at St. Edna’s Catholic Church, in Palatine, Illinois. My Music director is Gary Daigle, one of the
    original Louisiana group, The Dameans. Thank you also for your family’s involvement in the Divine Mercy
    Movement in the Pennsylvania area. I especially like the groove which you and that piano player played so well together. He looked like a young man.
    We both are devotees of Divine Mercy, Carm and I, so the Chaplet is said frequently and is so powerful
    in our needs, as Jesus knows, all you really have to do is ask!! He is that for many lifelong Catholics, and is
    so faithful in His Devotion to His Mercy. We love you in Christ, and if you want, please respond to this, if you would. Know that we musicians for Christ are special, not as the world sees us, but as He sees us. And may
    St Faustina, in Jesus’ Mercy, intercede for us for all the wishes of our Hearts. In that, I feel confident that our
    mission to reach out to His people, in song, will bring us together, one day, in that Great Music Room in Heaven. Lord from my mouth to your Ears, please, in Your Name. Name above all Names!

    Mike Festa
    Music Minister

  2. Deborah Suddarth says:

    Good morning.
    Our three-year-olds learned your song “Holy Mary” and love it. We have a video of them singing this song that we would like to share on our school’s Facebook page. If we credit the song to your family, may we have permission to post the video?

    1. @rennamusic says:

      Yes, just include the title of the CD and say by the Rennas. We are so glad your children like the song.

  3. Deborah Suddarth says:

    We are trying to locate the guitar/keyboard music for the Litany of Saints. Do you know where we can purchase and download?


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