“These days, we’ve started listening to the Kids Sing for Jesus CD by the Rennas after breakfast while I have my cup(s) of coffee and the kids are still in their pajamas. It’s a great way to start the day! I’ve tried to capture the pure joy Fiona exudes when I turn on that CD, but a picture doesn’t do justice. She gets a huge smile on her face, starts bouncing on her knees, squeals and looks for a shaky egg to shake along with the music. All of the kids like the music (so do I!) and sing along. I think it has really helped Roman learn his prayers, as he loves music so much. He loves to sing the Hail Mary and the Guardian Angel prayer. I highly recommend this CD.”

Sacramental Moments
Feb. 12, 2011


“For baptisms, we love certain things that will help us teach our kids the faith. Our favorite so far is a CD called Kids Sing for Jesus by the Renna’s. The music is so catchy and my 2 and 3 year olds know all the words, and some of the songs are like mini-catechism lessons.”

Faith and Family Live Blog
Feb. 6, 2009


“I bought this CD to share with my (1st and 2nd graders) for CCD class. They absolutely loved it. We dance routines which we have made to the songs. It has helped the children learn the catechism. The Sisters at my church heard us singing and dancing to this one and they wanted to know where I got it – they wanted it for their classes as well. This is a must for any Catechism teacher.”

Catholic Music Network
Aug. 6, 2008